Preschool Experts in Hampton Roads

Innovative and Intentional

The Peninsula Academy is a preschool completely dedicated to two, three, and four/five year olds.  Everything — including the curriculum, the manipulatives, the books, the imaginative wear, the center activities and the playground — are geared and designed specifically for a preschool child. 

We, at TPA, feel it is so important to be focused and intentional about everything we do; this is why we only accept children between the ages of 2 years through Pre-K. We are experts in the field of preschool and focus all of our attention, teacher training and instructional materials on these formative years. Research proves a child has primarily formed his/her way of thinking and learning by the age of five.  At The Peninsula Academy, we feel it is critical for the children to be engaged in meaningful and fun experiences that are stimulating and intriguing to the young mind during these impactful years. Every minute of the day is carefully planned based on each child’s personal interests, strengths, and weaknesses. We utilize impressive curriculums at The Peninsula Academy, but what makes our school different is our teachers are highly qualified and adapt the lessons to meet individual needs and interests. The children enjoy their day because it is interesting, fun and engaging. The geared toys on the shelves are constantly changing, the center activities are adapted to the curriculum and the books and songs are meaningful and new each week. TPA has a Monarch Butterfly garden the children tend to each summer. The children are happy and love to come to school because their day is never boring! Art, Music, Yoga, ongoing assessment, child/family surveys, and intentional individualized instruction are all critical parts to our program. 

Most importantly, our children at TPA are our family. We love our families and get to know them personally.  It is very important for there to be a strong connection from the home to the school and vice versa.  We put great effort into getting to know our families and providing a support system for them. If our families are happy and thriving, our school is happy and thriving. This is the foundation TPA is built upon.