Simply amazing…TPA was exactly what we were hoping for

Thank you so much for taking your passion and gift of teaching, and creating a preschool that is simply amazing. We knew that TPA was exactly what we were hoping for to help nurture and teach our baby-girl the very first day we entered those doors to meet with you and your staff. Here we are five years later, and we are still excited about all that TPA has to offer. While [our daughter] has moved on to elementary school, we knew that her brother had to have the same experience. Once again, you and your team opened the door with love and pure excitement that her baby brother would now attend TPA.

As you are aware, we met with you on last year regarding [our son’s] adjustment to his new TPA family. As a result of your passionate knowledge-base regarding early childhood learning, you highlighted [our son’s] strengths and suggested that your teachers foster a stronger academic learning environment for him. As a result, you advanced [our son] into a higher grade level. As we moved into this academic year we discussed his transition and collectively developed a game-plan, in which you assured our family that Ms. Julane and Mrs. Suzanne would be the perfect fit for [our son’s] academic and social needs. Mrs. Melissa, you were absolutely correct! We are beyond pleased with these two incredible women. Not only are they caring, creative and intelligent, but they promote the same characteristics in their students. Ms. Julane is always willing to share the daily curriculum, which is full of subjects and content that is engaging and academically advanced. In addition, Mrs. Suzanne greets every child with the most beautiful smile and warm spirit every single morning. While the two are remarkable individually, as a team in the classroom they are a powerhouse and we are excited that [our son] is matriculating under their guidance and care. To date, [our son] is reading two and three letter sign words, counting to 100, developing his handwriting skills, enjoying coloring and creative art projects, mastering puzzles and loves storytime. Additionally, he loves playing with his classroom friends, but most importantly he’s excited to attend school daily and is even more excited to share his day with us in the evenings. We are so blessed to have Ms. Julane and Mrs. Suzanne in his life, as well as ours.

In our line of work, we understand the importance of having educators that care and are effective in the lives of our young people. Mrs. Melissa, thank you again for having awesome, caring and effective teachers such as Ms. Julane and Mrs. Suzanne. We were consistently pleased with all of [our daughter’s] teachers, and to now have this experience again with [our son] makes us happier than you could ever imagine.

May God bless you, your family and the TPA family.

The Taylor Family

High standards for academics, ethics, and fun!

We are so grateful to have found a school with the same high standards for academics, ethics, respect, discipline and manners (all while having fun!) as we do. It’s the perfect support system for parents that want only the best for their children. Our children are happy and excelling. We couldn’t ask for a better fit. TPA is our extended family. Thank you for all you do!

Danielle Rodier

TPA has given my child a head start in life

TPA has given my child a head start in life. The teachers and staff are creative and nurturing, always striving for what is best for my child. Music, art, dramatic play, fun academic learning, I wish I could go there!

Ramirez family

A natural extension of our home

The first thing my husband and I noticed when our children started at TPA two-and-a-half years ago was that they couldn’t wait to get back to “school” in the morning. Our children have thrived in this supportive, structured and loving setting. Our experience has been that the environment at TPA is a natural extension of our home with a focus on fostering critical learning, self-esteem, discipline and having lots of fun. It is hard to miss that this superior preschool is a real labor of love. From the sunny and cheerful building to the personal daily greetings at the front door to the routine involvement with committed teachers and the personal meetings during difficult times, there is attention to detail and a respect for the entire family unit. My husband and I are so grateful to have a place where our two children always feel at home.

Phillips family

The best decision we ever made

Both our boys have attended TPA from the beginning, and we could not ask for a better nurturing and learning environment for them. We think about how hard our decision was to move our boys to TPA, but we realize it was the best decision we ever made. TPA feels like an extension to our family and that is so comforting coming from a household of two working parents. To say that we are pleased with the care our children have received at TPA would be a huge understatement. Our children have thrived as a result of being with teachers who are truly devoted to creating a fun environment of learning for each and every child in their classroom. TPA has provided an environment that gives me peace of mind. My boys love going to school each day. I believe that Melissa, Toni and Karen and the rest of the staff at TPA are what truly make this school an amazing one. My husband and I can go to work knowing that our boys feel safe, special, and loved at TPA.

Maddock family

I walked into TPA and knew in my ‘Mommy gut’ this was where he belonged

When we began our search for a preschool for our son, I had a hard time. We had an in home sitter caring for our son from 4 months to 2 1/2 years and decided it was time for him to be in a learning, social environment. I walked into TPA and knew in my “Mommy gut” this was where he belonged. Our son had little bit of a challenge adjusting to the new environment but was fully supported and best of all LOVED by his teachers and the TPA staff. I had a hard time with him adjusting as well, Melissa and Karen made a point to assure me he would be fine and he would grow to love his new school. We have seen a lot of change in our son. He is more social, less scared, more adventurous, and overall so much happier. We are so happy we chose TPA for our son and am so thankful to the entire staff! They are doing to amazing things shape little minds and build children up! Thank you for taking care of our heart and soul!!

Lusby Family

Our children are simply thriving

Our family is so fortunate to have found The Peninsula Academy. Our two children have been enrolled for approximately two years now, and they are simply thriving. When you walk in the door, you and your children will be greeted by a smiling staff member who knows you and your child by name. The atmosphere is loving, positive and uplifting. In fact, the administrators and teachers have become role models for me in their cheerfulness and patience. While there, our children have been challenged by the school’s curriculum and have greatly enjoyed classes in music, yoga and Spanish. The individual attention paid to each child’s strengths, interests and needs is readily apparent. Our son excelled in some areas and needed extra help in others. When he had read all the books they had at the school, they bought more. I know that while I can’t be with them during the day, our children are being loved, supported and challenged. In fact, they enjoy attending this school so much, they don’t want to leave at the end of the day! Each evening, as the staff can attest, I have had to coax my children out of the building and to our car. This, I think, speaks volumes.

Hartke family

Nurturing, wonderfully warm environment

Our eldest daughter, now seven, was in TPA’s first graduating Pre-K class, and our youngest daughter, now eighteen months, is following in her footsteps. Words cannot express how grateful we are to the staff for the nurturing, wonderfully warm environment they continue to provide for our children to grow and thrive during these precious early years. The teachers are unquestionably trustworthy with an amazing ability to build close relationships with our children. They learn many valuable social and emotional development skills — the building blocks of friendship, like sharing and conflict resolution. The additional activities offered like music, yoga, sign language, and gymnastics have added fun enrichment to the weekly routine. Our family has also valued by the exposure to other cultures and languages at TPA.

Simply put, TPA knows exactly what children need emotionally and academically. We do not feel that TPA simply provides childcare, but rather is enriching our children in immeasurable ways. At many times we have turned to Melissa to ask for her thoughts on our children’s psychological and physical development, and we have been extremely impressed with her insights and recommendations to us as parents. We honestly cannot think of one negative thing to say about our experience with TPA. It is PERFECT!

Hamrick family

Brittany Marn