Photo Tour

What's it like here at The Peninsula Academy? Come and see!

We strive to instill a love of learning, as well as model foundational social concepts like respect and manners, in a family-like atmosphere. Smiling faces, friendly teachers, and cuddly pets are in the building each and every day! 

A Day at TPA

Below we try to give you a glimpse of life at TPA. Come along with us as we take you through a typical day at The Peninsula Academy!


We’re excited for a great day here at TPA! Each morning starts with friendly greetings and warm smiles. We love being here each day!
We love for our families to come into the building, go to the classroom and have face-to-face interaction with our teachers.  
"Our family is so fortunate to have found The Peninsula Academy. Our two children...are simply thriving. When you walk in the door, you and your children will be greeted by a smiling staff member who knows you and your child by name. The atmosphere is loving, positive and uplifting. In fact, the administrators and teachers have become role models for me in their cheerfulness and patience."
-the Hartke family

As we walk to our class…

We always stop and say good morning to our furry friends! The animals create a warm and friendly environment, helping everyone feel welcome.

Bye, Mom!

Parents drop off their “future world changers” in their classrooms, ready for a fun day with their teachers and classmates.

Each classroom has a drop off routine which allows the families to have a set routine of entering the room, settling their child and saying goodbye. This makes drop off time a consistent, predictable routine  which helps both child and family with saying goodbye.

The first thing my husband and I noticed when our children started at TPA...was that they couldn’t wait to get back to “school” in the morning. Our children have thrived in this supportive, structured and loving setting.
-the Phillips family

Intentional teaching throughout the day

Whether through large group or small group instruction, our teachers keep the students engaged and learning.

Outside we run, play, slide, and ride!

The children go outside twice a day for fresh air and exercise  playing on our fenced-in playground, or riding tricycles.

Inside, rabbits roam the halls…

The children love to help take care of the bunnies throughout the day! (And our rabbits Matt, Benji, Poppy, and Daisy love the children just as much!)

Time to go!

We had a great day. See you tomorrow!
"We are so grateful to have found a school with the same high standards for academics, ethics, respect, discipline and manners (all while having fun!) as we do. It’s the perfect support system for parents that want only the best for their children. Our children are happy and excelling. We couldn’t ask for a better fit. TPA is our extended family. "
-the Rodier family

Ready to visit?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but nothing beats a real-life experience! To schedule an informational tour in person, where you can meet our teachers, ask us questions, and experience the environment firsthand, please contact us.

Brittany Marn