Programs and Curriculum

TPA is open year round. The school year is from September through the middle of June and the summer program runs in June, July and August. The children move classes in September each year. We do not move children based on birth date in order for them to complete the curriculum in each program. The synopsis of each program is given below.   

Pre-K Program: 4-5 year olds

Pre-K students at the Peninsula Academy are our four/five year olds. These children enjoy a busy day that is bright, fun and engaging. Learning activities are designed to promote Kindergarten readiness skills and the highly acclaimed Houghton Mifflin Pre-K curriculum is utilized. Each Pre-K teacher is highly qualified and has received ongoing training in Early Childhood practices. The teachers use their expertise to assess each child and prescribe an instructional approach based on individual needs. Reading/writing experiences, learning centers, music, art, math, science and social studies are part of the daily instruction. These activities are enhanced by the integration of technology as well as our specials (see the list of specials below). Social and emotional development is vital to the Pre-K student therefore time is dedicated to unstructured free play in the classroom and on our beautiful playground. The children ride tricycles twice a week to add to gross motor refinement.

Handwriting Without Tears is another exclusive program offered at TPA. The children learn the proper formation of letters and proper hand formation for writing preparing them for Kindergarten readiness.

Pre-School Program: 3-4 year olds

At The Peninsula Academy, the preschool program is for our three/four year olds. The preschool program is fun, interactive and full of rich learning experiences. The preschool uses the Harcourt Curriculum “StoryTown” which was created by Dr. Isabel Beck and Dr. McKeown. “StoryTown” is presented in small, large and individual literacy experiences. Rich language experiences centered on familiar routines create opportunities for early success and lay the foundation for the future.

Our preschool classrooms are full of books, manipulatives and educationally based toys. Preschoolers are exposed to meaningful reading and writing experiences through the use of big books, small books, Storytown class books, and poetry. Math, science and social studies are also components of our daily plan and are interwoven to create a full scope curriculum. Preschoolers will be exposed to a variety of learning experiences through technology, visitors from museums, libraries and the community. Social and emotional development is a key component for preschoolers – time is built in for free play within our classrooms and on our beautiful playground. The children ride tricycles twice a week to add to gross motor refinement.

Junior Pre-School Program: 2-3 year olds

The Junior Preschool is for our two/three year olds. Junior Pre-Schoolers are busy, inquisitive, and happy to be on the move. Our Junior Pre-school room has been designed specifically to promote learning experiences through play. The curriculum is a thematic approach and was developed by the experienced staff at TPA. It is presented in short intervals on the carpet and at tables to keep the children moving through engaging learning experiences. Circle Time with stories, songs and poetry will promote verbal skills and language acquisition. American Sign Language, math, social studies and science are part of the daily routine. Specials including art, music, yoga and Spanish are taught weekly by specialized teachers. Respect, kindness and sharing are important principles that are modeled. Teacher-led games and free play help develop gross motor skills. The children ride tricycles twice a week to add to gross motor refinement. When each child is ready, our teachers will help with potty training by offering positive reinforcement and plenty of encouragement.