Teaching that inspires a genuine love of learning.

Since our start, we’ve been focused on using quality, research-backed curriculums that truly engage young minds. Our amazing teachers work closely with each child to make sure they always feel safe and supported while learning.

Ages 2-5

The Peninsula Academy is a year-round school which serves ages two through five years old.


Each classroom utilizes the STREAMin3 curriculum, which prepares children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Sept - Aug

The children remain in their assigned classroom from September through the end of August. All children move to their new placement in the beginning of September each year.

Quarterly assessments

Assessments are given quarterly, used to plan each child's individual academic goals, and are reviewed in parent/teacher conferences held twice each year.

Pre-K Program
4-5 year-olds

In the STREAMin3 curriculum, these children enjoy a busy day full of learning activities designed to promote Kindergarten readiness skills and social emotional regulation needed for success in a Kindergarten classroom.

The school day includes:
Preschool Program
3-4 year-olds

In the STREAMin3-Preschool curriculum, children experience rich and meaningful instruction with hands-on materials and engaging lessons. The preschool program introduces small group instruction and free choice centers.

The school day includes:
Junior Preschool Program
2-3 year-olds

Our two/three-year-olds use the STREAMin3-Toddlers curriculum. The classroom environment is nurturing and positive, creating a space where children feel safe to explore and learn. This program is all about helping two-year-olds become independent and successful within a classroom; navigating sharing, transitions, and big emotions.

The school day includes:

STREAMin3 Curriculum Overview

STREAMin3 is an innovative, engaging, and interactions-based curriculum developed at The Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning at the University of Virginia’s School of Education and Human Development, in collaboration with Elevate Early Education (E3).

6 STREAM Skills


Why STREAMin3?

“I was excited to implement this curriculum at The Peninsula Academy

because the lessons are hands-on, engaging and capture the interest of the children. I was also pleased with the self regulation prompts embedded in the curriculum. This assists teachers in making sure the social emotional coaching is as effective as the academic instruction. Preschoolers need both; meaningful instruction and help handling big emotions and/or conflict which may occur during their day.”


5 Core Skills

with peers and adults
their emotions, attention, and behavior
deeply about the world around them
with others productively
their bodies to achieve goals

Skills that prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Brittany Marn